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Mystère by Cirque du Soleil



Mystere by Cirque du Soleil is a renowned production that has been enchanting audiences in Las Vegas since its debut in December 1993. As one of Cirque du Soleil’s longest-running shows, it combines dance, music, circus skills, and comedy to create a mesmerizing experience.

Under the direction of Franco Dragone, this extraordinary show continues to captivate and inspire with its splendid performances and imaginative storytelling.

Background of Mystere

At its core, the show explores the mysteries of life and our place in the universe. It challenges the notion that science and technology alone can provide all the answers.

Instead, Mystere reminds us of the powerful and wild forces that shape our existence, making the universe truly astounding. This family-friendly production captivates with its creative imagery, athleticism, and an underlying message of the stubborn human spirit.

The Venue (Location and Accessibility)

Located at Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, the venue for Mystere offers convenient accessibility. Within walking distance or a short drive, you’ll find an array of shopping options, restaurants, and hotels. The resort is well-connected, with a tram linking it to the Mirage Hotel and pedestrian bridges connecting it to Palazzo, the Fashion Show Shopping Mall, and more.

Whether you choose to drive or utilize services like Uber, reaching Treasure Island is hassle-free. Public transportation, such as the 25 Bus, also provides an accessible option for those who prefer it.

Interior, Design, and Ambiance

The Mystere theater, designed by Michel Crête and the Scéno Plus team, captivates with its expansive stage and seating for over 1,600 guests. The stage, spanning 120 feet by 70 feet, serves as a playground for the talented performers. The venue features state-of-the-art sound, dazzling multimedia effects, and over 1,000 spotlights.

However, it’s important to note that the theater’s temperature and humidity can sometimes be uncomfortable, impacting the overall experience.

List of Characters

Here is the list of all major characters of Mystere, and their possible metaphorical explanation.

  • Les Épouvantables (Les Bébés): These iconic figures represent the world’s hopes and aspirations, taking us on a journey through the history of the universe.
  • Moha-Samedi: The man in pink, carrying the collected knowledge of humanity as the unseen narrator, witnessing the past and present.
  • Deus ex machina: The powerful machine that governs and influences all aspects of existence, often becoming dictatorial and cruel.
  • The Tribe: Tragic ghosts from the skies, guiding our earthly journey.
  • The Pets (Birds of Prey): These once-flightless birds now fly through Mystere, their presence both graceful and unpredictable, as they delight in attacking their prey.
  • The Archangels (Les Laquais): Terrestrial guardians, selflessly serving the happiness and safety of others, even at the cost of their own lives.
  • The Asticots (Double Faces): These segmented creatures, relying on unity, showcase mesmerizing acrobatics while hiding their corruption.
  • Gabriel (The Mountain): Selfless Archangel, ready to sacrifice for love.
  • Inti X & Y: Comic viruses infecting with joyful antics and unpredictable behavior.
  • The Black Virgin (Black Widow): A mantis destroying illusions and dreams.
  • Vache à Lait: The bearer of illusions, just out of reach, symbolizing fertility and youth, sounding the horn for rebirth and new beginnings.
  • La Belle: Fears ugliness, and seeks beauty at any cost.
  • The Firebird (Red Bird): A brilliant red jewel rising through the sky, relentlessly striving to take flight, igniting the energy of the show.
  • The Green Lizards: Mischievous and vanishing chameleons, shining in green with flashes of scarlet.
  • The Giants: Frivolous creatures with long legs and futile feathers, including Egg, Pumpkin, Giraffe, and Fly Giants.
  • Mephisto & Vénus: Devilish and dark characters emerging from the depths, disrupting the journey of life and casting a dark shadow upon the show.
  • Stas (La Puce, Yellow Bird): A mischievous imp with a thousand-year-old spirit, carrying ancestral souls and indicating the future.
  • Brian Le Petit: Mystere’s trouble-making clown, causing disorder, and playfully interrupting the show.
  • Escargot (Alice): Born from the spring rain, this character symbolizes the essence of souls.

Remember that everyone has their own perspective and they could draw different conclusions from each character and what they represent.


Many great acts were performed in the show, some of the prominent ones were;

  • Aerial Straps Duo: A pair of aerialists fascinate with twists and turns in mid-air.
  • Taiko: Powerful rhythms on Japanese taiko drums.
  • Chinese Poles & Hand Balancing: Acrobats demonstrate strength and agility, climbing and contorting on poles and balancing canes.
  • Teeterboard and Power Track: Impressive stunts combining acrobatic skills.
  • Hand-to-Hand: Mind-blowing act of strength and balance, showcasing incomprehensible stances on a rotating platform.
  • Bungee: Artists bounce, swing, and defy gravity on bungees.
  • Flying Trapeze: Mesmerizing aerial acrobatics, swinging on multiple trapeze bars.

Every act was a masterpiece in its own way, but, the hand-to-hand act amazed me the most. The way two performers stood on a spinning platform, relying solely on their strength and trust, to create spectacular poses was truly hypnotic. It showcased the incredible bond and dependence we can have on one another.


In the end, I’ll just say that Mystere is an awe-inspiring Cirque du Soleil show that uniquely explores the origins of life. With mesmerizing acrobatics and top-notch production, it’s a must-see show in Las Vegas. Prepare to be amazed at Treasure Island, and book your ticket now.

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